» Why N Street Strategies

We’ve been there. We know. We understand.

Every day, you face a new set of challenges, from the constant needs of service delivery to the rigorous demands of strategic partnerships and board stewardship. We know that you need to manage competing claims on your time and resources from a variety of diverse and often contradictory stakeholders, and we know that your organization is only as effective as its people and budget allow it to be.

That’s why we specialize in helping nonprofit organizations build the systems and structure for a sustainable, cost-effective impact, helping you manage your bottom-line so that your organization can focus on achieving its goals.

N Street Strategies was founded on three key principles, learned through a decade of nonprofit leadership that stretches from Sub-Saharan Africa to Washington, DC:

  • Executives are (and should be) focused on an organization’s external market: fundraising, Board development, partnerships and impact.
  • An organization’s internal systems – finances, human resources and program management – are no less important. Effective systems allow you to stretch donor dollars further, plan for the future, and sustain your impact.
  • Crucial to the development of these systems are experience and familiarity with all aspects of organizational management, from the grassroots to the boardroom, a resource often missing on the under-resourced and overstretched staff of nonprofit organizations.

Good intentions are not enough. Today’s world demands that organizations implement their programs as professionally and responsibly as their best-resourced peers. N Street Strategies offers affordable consulting help in the most critical areas of nonprofit management so that you can effectively and sustainably reach your goals.